The World of Itlán


The sword-and-Planet fantasy story Circle of the Lantern is set on the planet Itlán, a beautiful, semi-arid, amethyst planet found somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy. From space Itlán appears as a lustrous purple jewel hanging as if suspended on an invisible chain around the neck of some unseen goddess. On such a world the adventures of the boy, Tsirtsír-Ram and the Enchantress Pulán-Shuv of Djanár take place.

Five ancient peoples inhabit this purple-magenta planet, each with its own culture, language, philosophies, and history. The Itlani, the Djanari, the Semerians, the Djirans and the Lastulani are all featured in the story which tells of their heroic deeds in the unfolding of this saga of the Itlani search for peace. Each of their languages is sampled in the dialog, songs, poems and citations of ancient writings that are found throughout the story.

In a wonderfully rich prologue, detailed footnotes, and comprehensive appendices the varied aspects of the cultures and languages of the five peoples of Itlán are explored and set out in wondrous detail.

Circle of the Lantern is not only an exciting first-time telling of this Itlani classic, Seyrán ta Tainaa, in English but is a mine rich in gems about all facets of Itlani life. Circle of the Lantern is not just a book that contains the adventures of a nine year old boy, Tsirtsír-Ram and his mentor Pulán-Shuv but a comprehensive volume that explores and explains deeply what Itlán and the Itlani are all about.

Among the most fascinating explorations in the book is the power and majesty of the Itlani language, the lingua franca of planet Itlán and of the mysterious Nordlinga or “Children of the North,” the Djanari, whose Germanic language hails from Earth. Detailed grammatical sketches are found in the appendices for both these languages. Rounding out all these linguistic treasures is a long and richly done glossary with pronunciation guide.

So whether you are a fan of sword-and-planet scifi-fantasy or of the world of constructed languages, Circle of the Lantern is a book you will thoroughly enjoy.



Ta Seyrán ta Tainaa ta kulbrediit proshit lirprazhen Itlana onyara kiín ta nikhova vey saizmuit gilukhzakhova Itlana vey vunit shim ebonarun djeyeldjemarizhe choryira. Dini min sholesea Itlana tarumyiva: Djanarizhe, Semerizhe vey Djiraizhe vey igriizhe dini Siarelit Angliit avuroan zolifyava.

Circle of the Lantern is the planetary foundational epic of Itlán that captures the spirit and true essence of Itlán and its five peoples. It was translated into three of the other languages of Itlán: Djanari, Semerian and Djiran and has recently become available in a Terran English edition.

 Ta prazhen djaridaurivit zhiguten ta dukhulora Tsirtsír-Ram onyara. Rumbiizhe, ta narenilu, Tsiasuk-Pron pilayiror, vey zhoyit dralmishtaratór onifyavor. Mashrá ta sanukirunavá Itlanit talferen onifyava. Istonirit dini shey Itlanit tilbiravá, nivakinavá vey istonzaavá onyara vey pashuni mantaizhe zhinyira. Flanerit istondiit kerakalese felyiva vey shas djurit yeyrarín bolo ra-samyava. Anuvi chorú narenit brinkienarun otorayisivit onyaren  vey ta feren ivarafivit avuro ta narena ta Itlanit kulbrediit Muskaifuna onya hovoryira. Djufi-bolo pashuni dralvaremirit dazhini shey Itlantanavá onyara vey pashni eliseynarit makbashen sheypaeyre!

The story is the hand written account of the boy Tsitsír-Ram, later known to history as Tsiasuk-Pron, my name-sake, and has over the millennia become an Itlani classic. It is studied in all Itlani schools, universities and institutes and it is held in very high esteem. It has undergone extensive scholarly research and is not without its critics, however. Some depictions of historical events have come under question and the work has been accused of being a sanitized version of the history of Itlani planetary Unificiation. Nevertheless, it is very well loved among all the Itlani and is a very inspiritng read for all!

Djani kadimyara ar! More coming soon!